BLOGS - #4


BREAKING NEWS - After 1744 years it’s announced that Santa – fully known as Saint Nicholas – stops chasing down the chimneys …but don’t worry: SYNC TO THE RESCUE!

At an extraordinary press conference Santa speaks to the nation and the rest of the world. “Imagine …all year long you have to keep track of everyone’s wishes, find the right presents, wrap them, keep your elves happy, feed the reindeer, and then in December you have to deliver to millions of people …on an old sleigh ride! Besides that, it’s freakin’ cold outside’’ says a recently separated Santa. Mrs. Claus was getting frustrated with all the late hours. That almost sucks more than doing laundry. Santa deserves a break this year!

That’s why we from SYNC want to give the old man a hand:
- PlayStation – pretty necessary
- Beer Pong table – a must have
…no more laundry UNQUESTIONABLE!

That’s why SYNC made it easy for Santa - of course he won’t actually stop working - but work together with the SYNC Squad elves and with a simple click on all orders will be shipped through all chimneys in the whole country! Click here to get started and surprise yourself, your son, or loved on with this amazing subscription service! Santa got a subscription for himself as well.

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