BLOGS - #2

disaster dates

You thought your date was bad because there was a silent moment, you accidentally burped out loud, or she didn’t look like her Tinder picture at all? Well, the people below really had it worse. It’s time for Google to invent real-life swiping…

Valerie from Ohio found out the man she was dating for twelve years turned out to be her father,
a man in Florida was beaten, robbed, forced to strip naked, and abandoned on the side of a road during a first date. It went horribly wrong, according to police. Really? No kidding, Sherlock. Lastly, an Algerian man had a fun date with his new wife, but when he saw her the next morning he was shocked. He never saw her without make-up before. The man is now suing his wife for fraud and “psychological suffering.” I guess ‘’beauty is from the inside’’ doesn’t count in Algeria.

You know what’s even worse? Wearing two different socks or your briefs inside out on a date. Be prepared. Be in SYNC …but beware with Stuff You Need Cheap, ‘cause chicks love ‘em!

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