1. Is there really only one subscription plan?
    • Yep -- we have worked very hard to come up with a price point that allows us to send you 3 pairs of socks or underwear, and to do that, we’re sending you 3 limited edition designs in each box. But you can rest assured that you're getting great quality and great designs -- at a great price.
  2. So I don’t get to choose the styles I receive?
    • Sorry, but no – we have a great design team that solicits feedback from lots of college-age guys and we work really hard to produce the freshest styles that will be relevant to you.
  3. When do I receive the shipment?
    • We ship all first-time SYNC orders within 7 days of order.  Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your shipment, depending on  how far you are located outside Southern California.

      SYNC boxes for returning customers ship within the first 7 days of each month.

  4. What if I change addresses (like move from the dorm to my home) during the year?
    • No problem – just let us know when your address is changing and we’ll reroute your SYNC box to your correct address.
  5. What if I want to cancel SYNC?
    • What? Unimaginable, but since we're all about that feel-good, you can cancel anytime. You can read about the specifics HERE, but we're easy, as we want you to be stoked.
  6. How long is my subscription?
    • When you sign up with SYNC, you are signing up for a year.  We offer two billing options: You can conveniently pre-pay for your 6-Pack or All-In memberships, or you can be billed at $18.00 every month of your shipment (so you can spend the parental’s allowance without a shock to the system).
  7. I really don't like one of the styles I received -- can you send me another one?
    • Seriously? Every pair of briefs/socks is just $6 -- if you don't like one of the styles -- just wait -- you have more coming.
  8. How can I join the SYNC Squad?
    • Easily done -- sign up HERE and we'll send you a code. You pass the code onto your friends to sign up for a SYNC subscription and you automatically get credited for each sign up. And you're making bank like a boss.