5 Reasons you need to start with SYNC underwear & socks 

1.    You’re lazy – come on, let’s be honest here.  Whether you’re in college now, or just graduated, you know you hate to do laundry.  You may not even know how those machines work.  And that means you are running around with junky underwear and socks.  And going commando ain’t a solution, bruh.

2.    You need game – If a girl has seen you in your Hanes whitey tighties – you think you’re making that work?  Don’t think so … but if you had our poppin’ prints on our briefs and socks, she just might give you a second look.  Love that second look!

3.    You’re not a Rockefeller –  and you don’t need to be.  You will spend less on our underwear and socks than you will anywhere else.  You can get 3 pairs of our stuff for what you’ll pay for one pair of Stance socks or Champion undies.  And our stuff looks better!

4.    Your mom isn’t walking through that door – she’s thinking about you (ALL THE TIME) but she’s off playing Bunco now that you’re out of the house.  Let her have a little comfort knowing her stellar son is making it big with enough pairs of briefs and socks to last til your next home visit. 

5.    You’re not going to shop for briefs and socks at Target on your own – as in never, ever, ever.  That store could be a block away, but you’re not wasting your precious study (okay, party) time going to buy your own.  SYNC socks and underwear are delivered to your dorm, or apartment, or even fraternity.  Rock on, my friend.

Watch Our "Underwear Anonymous" and know that you aren't alone