How it works

SYNC is a monthly subscription membership for men’s socks and briefs.

  • Your cost for a membership is $27 per month (free shipping) or choose your own styles for $10 each  (with free shipping as well)
  • Each SYNC box contains either 3 pairs of briefs or 3 pairs of socks as well as one-time shopping where you can pick and choose your styles
  • We have now created amazing product and delivery options that allow you to customize your SYNC experience!

    We have 3 subscription options:
    o    3 x 4: 4 deliveries annually (every 3 months)
    o    3 x 6: 6 deliveries annually (every other month)
    o    All-In: Monthly deliveries
    o    You can choose All Briefs, All Socks or alternating deliveries of briefs and socks
    o    Or choose SHOP NOW: you choose which styles you like and receive them right away!
  • Prepay or pay monthly
  • Please note that if you choose All Briefs or All Socks on All-In option, you will receive repeat styles as we only create new designs every other month
  • You can cancel anytime.